This proposal for a Save-A-Lot digital campaign was created for Manifest Digital, the largest independent digital agency in the Midwest. Their creative brief asked us to appeal to the growing number of smartphone users among Save-A-Lot shoppers and to also leverage circulars in our digital deliverables. This particular campaign targets smart and savvy shoppers who are looking to minimize time spent at the grocery store, learn new useful and relevant skills, and share some of their own knowledge and recipes.

Ideation and Strategy: Alyssa Celentano, Sean Dula, and Crystal Yun
Art Direction and Execution: Crystal Yun



The iPhone App provides a platform where users can easily search and share quick, simple, and delicious recipes using ingredients from Save-A-Lot or helpful DIY solutions from the Save-A-Lot family and other users nationwide. These tips can be shared via existing social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to gain wider exposure and readership as well. 



Based on the interface and design of the iPhone App, the in-store kiosk will allow users with the application to access their saved recipes through "My Saves," from which users can print immediately with the quantity for each ingredient adjusted based on the inputted number of servings. On the backside of the printed sheet would be circulars that is directly applicable to any of the ingredients on the list. Shoppers who come in store without a planned grocery list can also use the kiosk to browse recipes for inspiration. 



Branded content will be a series of videos and tutorials by the Save-A-Lot family, including smart and savvy store owners and employees. Save-A-Lot is unique in that a majority of its stores are owned and operated by independent licensees. Thus, the branded content aims to put a face to the people who are integral to the operations of Save-A-Lot while also connecting the company to not only its loyal shoppers but also a greater audience who have yet to be introduced to Save-A-Lot.