The logo for Global Technology Deployment Initiative (GTDI) aims to evoke key themes associated with GTDI's mission:

  • Deploying proven technology from where it where it was originally invented to where it is needed to solve problems related to (i) clean drinking water; (ii) clean, renewable energy; (iii) food security; and (iv) low cost health care delivery systems.
  • Developing new business models and financing mechanisms to facilitate these technology deployment processes
  • Building bridges and repairing broken circuits to facilitate the flow of technology
  • Unclogging blockages that are preventing local communities and businessmen from finding technological and business solutions to their pressing problems

GTDI is a joint initiative between the P80 Group and the Club de Madrid. The P80 Group is based in Little Rock, Arkansas and brings together the largest 80 pension funds and sovereign wealth funds worldwide that want to invest more in Cleantech. Additionally, Club de Madrid brings together 93 former presidents motivated to support sustainability and social innovation. This logo design was commissioned by the Senior Director of the P80 Group Foundation and the Senior Adviser to GTDI.